Breunion Boys is created by Julia Veldman c (www.juliaveldmanc.nl)  out of the desperate need to do something about Brexit. “It’s like in a relationship, if your wife suddenly tells you she’s leaving, without an explanation and you don’t even get the chance to respond.”

The answer from the European side disappointed her. “The decision to vote leave was an emotional one, we should take that seriously. We’re not going to win them back with reason or threats, we have to listen to them, and show them how we feel.”  

So she decided to take up the task herself.  “What better than to use the language of the best the UK ever gave us, the boyband, to win them back? If this doesn't work, nothing will”

Julia is a visual storyteller working in animation and video.

Britain come back is written and composed by Flavia Faas, Music and movement director (www.flaviafaas.net)

The videoclip is directed by Thessa Meijer (www.thessameijer.com)

And produced by July Film (www.julyfilm.nl)

Breunion Boys is not sponsored by the European Union or any political group.

Supported by Verspers en Aced, AFK and woutkunstenfonds